The Future Phenomena Project

Location / Date: Greenpoint, Brooklyn / Spring-Summer 2010 Artist: Amanda Browder

FIRST SEWING DAY – Saturday March 27th, 12 – 4pm – The former convent of St. Cecilia’s Paris

JOIN IN !!!! CUT / SEW or DONATE the shirt off your back!

Saturday March 27th 12-4pm – The former convent of St. Cecilia’s Parish – 21 Monitor Street, Brooklyn, NY. –

Part of the Ecstatic show put together by the Round Robin Arts Collective  (

Join us in the construction of the temporary public art project sponsored by the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition and the Brooklyn Arts Council. Part of the exhibition ECSTATIC – A Round Robin Arts Collective exhibition – Amanda Browder will host one of three COMMUNITY SEWING DAYS for the Future Phenomena – a temporary installation that will cover the street-facing façade of a Greenpoint apartment building with a fabric structure using an oversized repeating chevron pattern.

As part of the conceptual nature of the piece I am proposing three Sewing Days to enlist people from the neighborhood to meet at one location for a day and help make this large scale temporary art sculpture together. With this collective volunteerism we can together make a large sculptural gesture that is awe-inspiring and fantastic.

The public display of art is a critical element in generating and focusing neighborhood responses of the realities of gentrification, ancient toxic waterways, and urban migration.  Public art can bring life and awareness to static architectural objects but the “Future Phenomena” will be not only a spectacle of bright colors and flowing shapes, but also a social space for pedestrians, participants and residents.  Into this space will flow work, materials, comments, all manner of human energy, to be recycled until the project vanishes, leaving behind a memory of the power of art to transform the mundane.

BE PART OF IT! – Join in and…

1.  DONATE –  your unused fabric to help make the piece! We are covering a building and that means a lot!

2.  CUT – help make the slices of fabric to form the chevron shape which will make a true spectacle!

3.  SEW – help sew with easy straight stiches on the machine (tutoring available!) to physically bind the donated fabrics into it’s awesome shape.

4.  CONVERSE – help cheer on people working and make it a great day for everyone to enjoy!

(The Community Sewing Day is a project that is a prequil experience to the construction of the large fiber public art sculpture Future Phenomena. First showing as part of the Creative Thrift Shop exhibition ({CTS} Creative Thriftshop in conjunction with the Williamsburg Gallery Association presents 7 in 6: Space vs. Time. As part of Williamsburg Walks 2009)


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